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Lunchbox Mystery with Disney's Duffy and Friends

Honored to see our beloved friends again, and welcome new ones, in this new Duffy & Friends short!

Role: Director, Character and Prop Concept Designer

Client: Disney

Studio: Stoopid Buddy

Many many thanks to the talented crew who channeled the spirit of iyashi and brought their love to this project <3

Leigh Kelly (Producer) Baifan, Amanda, and Kristjan (Production) Lee Mitchell Young (DP) Eric (Grip) Amber (Art Director) Maddie (Flower Fabricator) Caroline Kastelic (Head of Puppets)

Rob Ronning (Mole Puppet Fabricator)

Jenny Hogan (Puppets) Shea Ramsey (Animator) Savelyn Forest (Animator) Chris Mena (Editor) Mike Meehan (Composer)

Lee and Eric worked hard to set up the practical clouds made of pillow fiber

Our art department channeled Gelatoni to make the beautiful hand crafted lunchboxes, and CookieAnn when making the tiny food and sandwiches

Duffy and his friends were very patient while making the short ^-^ <3

We were very happy to see Mole and Goola come to life! Thanks to Rob Ronning and Jenny Hogan for their form, and Siv for their animation!

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