Ashley Arechiga is a stop-motion artist and story-teller located in Los Angeles, CA.

Born and raised in Laredo, Texas - She was fortunate enough to attend the University of Texas in Austin, and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television, and Film.

Inspired by the radical pedagogy of one of her professors, Sandy Alluquere Stone, she moved to LA to pursue her love of hand-made animation.

While interning at Buddy System Studio, she snuck into classes at CalArts where she learned about the finer tools of the trade; and met her partner and co-creator, Bradley Schaffer. Together they've explored the medium and pushed the boundaries of stop-motion with every project they've gotten their hands on.

With gratitude for all the opportunities their work attracted, they created MOONCHOPS! to represent their independent production studio in their garage.

While specializing in Adult Comedy, ecstatically shining light on the absurdity of adulthood; they are also compassionate about illuminating the intelligence of childhood; and telling moving narratives of hope for human-kind, inevitably laced with an innate sense of humor and love for life.