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Claydream - Title Animation

Humbled to honor clay-master Will Vinton and channel his craft for the title sequence of his documentary

Roles: Title Concept Design, Clay Build, DP, Animation, Clean-Up

Client: StarBurns Industries

Studio: MoonChops!

Check out the Movie's Website Here

This was a special project to work on during the pandemic.

Special thanks to Marq Evans, Tamir Ardon, James Fino, and Duke Johnson for the creative freedom and opportunity to channel Sir Vinton.

Especially special thanks to Rich Zimmerman and Scott DaRos (*the clay-masters of our time*) for teaching me how to work with oil-based clay -- Who knew it was such a process? ^^0

Concept Design Process

Initial Design Options for Style, and Character Parts

Rough Design for Animation Concept

Thanks to Tony who sent original parts from the old studio to use! Handled with the utmost of care <3

Background and Color Concept Options

Then finally -- the Clay-Execution...!

Production pics

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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