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LEGO® Unikitty 2.0

Another Unikitty batch of shorts for! This time, strung together with a bit of a story arc ^.~

WARNING! There is a LOT of great Lego animation is this fast paced spot -- Try not to blink!

Unikitty™ & Dr. Fox™ lab experiment gone wrong! FULL VERSION

Directed by Bradley and Ashley (collectively known as Brashley)

Client: Lego

Studio: Stoopid Buddy


Leigh Kelly (Producer)

Andrew Malek (DP)

Lizzy Klein (Art)

Max Lopez (Animation)

Sean Maloney (Animation)

Ian (Grip)

Mike Spitzmiller (VFX)

Video Description

Fun Fact!

Squash and Stretch Animation

Secret "Sailor Moon" Unikitty Transformation frames e.e

and our favorite -- the INFINI-KITTY power blast!

Expertley painted 2D Faces to match the toy set

Fun flying poses using Legos the wrong way!

Gorgeous colors, inspiring source material, and delicious shiny Legos -- What more could you ask for??

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